How to Make DIY Cot Toys: Simple Projects for Creative Parents

Creating DIY cot toys for your baby is not only a fun and rewarding project but also allows you to personalize your little one’s nursery with unique, handmade items. Plus, DIY toys can be a cost-effective way to provide engaging and stimulating playthings for your baby. In this blog post, we’ll share some simple projects for creative parents looking to make their own cot toys. And remember, if you ever need ready-made options, check out for a fantastic selection of baby mobiles and toys.

Why DIY Cot Toys?

DIY cot toys offer several benefits:

1. Personalization

You can choose colors, materials, and designs that match your baby’s nursery theme and your personal style.

2. Cost-Effective

Making your own toys can be much cheaper than buying pre-made ones, especially if you use materials you already have at home.

3. Eco-Friendly

By repurposing old fabrics and materials, you can create eco-friendly toys and reduce waste.

4. Bonding Activity

Crafting toys can be a wonderful bonding activity for you and your partner, or even older siblings who want to get involved.

DIY Cot Toy Projects

Here are some simple DIY cot toy projects that you can try at home:

1. Felt Animal Toys

Materials Needed:

  • Felt sheets in various colors
  • Needle and thread
  • Cotton stuffing
  • Scissors
  • Non-toxic fabric glue


  1. Draw and cut out animal shapes from the felt sheets.
  2. Sew the edges of two matching shapes together, leaving a small opening for stuffing.
  3. Fill the toy with cotton stuffing and sew the opening closed.
  4. Use fabric glue to attach additional felt pieces for eyes, noses, and other details.

2. Ribbon Sensory Ring

Materials Needed:

  • Wooden ring
  • Assorted ribbons in different colors and textures
  • Scissors
  • Non-toxic fabric glue


  1. Cut the ribbons into equal lengths (about 20-30 cm each).
  2. Tie the ribbons around the wooden ring, making sure they are securely fastened.
  3. Use fabric glue to secure any loose ends to prevent fraying.
  4. Hang the sensory ring from the crib or a mobile arm for your baby to explore.

3. Sock Plushies

Materials Needed:

  • Clean, colorful socks
  • Cotton stuffing
  • Needle and thread
  • Buttons or felt for eyes and noses (ensure buttons are securely attached and not a choking hazard)


  1. Stuff the sock with cotton stuffing.
  2. Sew the open end of the sock closed.
  3. Use needle and thread to add eyes, noses, and other features using buttons or felt.
  4. Shape the sock into different animal forms by adding additional stitches to create limbs and tails.

4. Crinkle Tag Toy

Materials Needed:

  • Fabric scraps
  • Crinkle material (such as an empty chip bag or cereal liner)
  • Ribbon pieces
  • Needle and thread or sewing machine
  • Scissors


  1. Cut two fabric squares and a piece of crinkle material to the same size.
  2. Sandwich the crinkle material between the fabric squares.
  3. Insert ribbon pieces around the edges of the fabric sandwich, making sure they are securely pinned in place.
  4. Sew around the edges of the fabric squares, leaving a small opening to turn the toy inside out.
  5. Turn the toy inside out, sew the opening closed, and your crinkle tag toy is ready!

Tips for DIY Cot Toys

  • Safety First: Always ensure that all parts of the toy are securely attached and that there are no small parts that could pose a choking hazard.
  • Use Non-Toxic Materials: Choose non-toxic fabrics, glues, and paints to ensure your baby’s safety.
  • Durability: Make sure the toys are durable and can withstand tugging and chewing.


Creating DIY cot toys is a fun and rewarding way to personalize your baby’s nursery while also providing engaging and stimulating playthings. These simple projects are perfect for creative parents looking to add a personal touch to their baby’s environment. And remember, if you ever need ready-made options or inspiration, visit for a fantastic selection of baby mobiles and toys. Happy crafting!

The Importance of Regular Gutter Cleaning in Wellington: Protect Your Home

Introduction: Gutter cleaning is often overlooked by many homeowners, but it plays a crucial role in protecting your home from various forms of damage. In Wellington, where the weather can be unpredictable, regular gutter cleaning is even more essential. This article highlights the importance of regular gutter cleaning and the potential risks associated with neglecting this vital maintenance task.

  1. Prevent Water Damage: One of the primary functions of gutters is to direct rainwater away from your home’s foundation. When gutters are clogged with leaves, dirt, and debris, they can’t perform this function effectively. Water may overflow, seep into your home’s foundation, and cause significant structural damage. In Wellington, where heavy rainfall is common, ensuring your gutters are clear can prevent costly water damage to your property.
  2. Avoid Roof Damage: Clogged gutters can lead to water accumulation on your roof. Over time, this water can seep under shingles, causing roof leaks and damage to the roof structure. Regular gutter cleaning helps prevent water from pooling on your roof, reducing the risk of leaks and prolonging the life of your roofing materials.
  3. Prevent Basement Flooding: When gutters fail to channel water away from your home, it can accumulate around the foundation and eventually seep into your basement. This can lead to basement flooding, which can damage flooring, walls, and stored items. Regular gutter cleaning ensures that water is directed away from your home, keeping your basement dry and safe.
  4. Protect Your Landscaping: Water overflowing from clogged gutters can erode soil and damage plants and landscaping features around your home. In Wellington, where maintaining a beautiful garden is important to many homeowners, regular gutter cleaning can help protect your landscaping investment.
  5. Prevent Pest Infestations: Clogged gutters can become a breeding ground for pests such as mosquitoes, rodents, and birds. These pests can create nests in the debris and eventually make their way into your home. Keeping your gutters clean reduces the risk of pest infestations and the health hazards they can bring.
  6. Maintain Structural Integrity: The weight of accumulated debris and water in clogged gutters can cause them to sag and pull away from your home. This can damage the fascia and soffit, leading to additional repair costs. Regular gutter cleaning helps maintain the structural integrity of your gutter system and prevents costly repairs.
  7. Improve Curb Appeal: Clean gutters contribute to the overall appearance of your home. Overflowing, dirty gutters can be an eyesore and negatively impact your home’s curb appeal. Regular gutter cleaning ensures that your home looks well-maintained and attractive.
  8. Increase Property Value: A well-maintained home with clean gutters is more appealing to potential buyers. If you plan to sell your home in the future, regular gutter cleaning can help maintain its value and make it more attractive to prospective buyers.

Conclusion: Regular gutter cleaning is essential for protecting your home from various forms of damage, including water damage, roof damage, basement flooding, and pest infestations. By keeping your gutters clean, you can maintain the structural integrity of your home, improve its curb appeal, and increase its value. For professional and reliable gutter cleaning in Wellington, contact Classic Cleaners. Their experienced team can help keep your gutters clean and functioning properly year-round. Schedule a service today and protect your home from potential damage.

Design Inspirations: How Interior Designers Use LED Mirrors in Projects

LED mirrors are not only functional but also highly stylish, making them a favorite tool among interior designers for both residential and commercial projects. With their sleek design and integrated technology, LED mirrors can transform any space, enhancing both its aesthetics and utility. Here’s how interior designers creatively use LED mirrors in their design projects to create stunning and innovative spaces.

1. Enhancing Small Spaces

Interior designers often use LED mirrors to make small spaces, such as compact bathrooms or entryways, appear larger and more inviting. The illumination from an LED mirror adds depth and brightness, making the space feel more open and airy. The reflective properties of the mirror itself further amplify this effect by bouncing light around the room, which is particularly effective in areas with limited natural light.

2. Creating Statement Pieces

In larger bathrooms or dressing rooms, designers use LED mirrors as statement pieces. An elegantly framed LED mirror or one with unique geometric shapes can serve as the focal point of the room, drawing the eye and setting the tone for the rest of the decor. Designers might choose mirrors with unusual LED patterns or those that incorporate other materials like wood or metal to add to the aesthetic appeal.

3. Improving Task Lighting

For areas where tasks like makeup application, shaving, or intricate grooming are routine, interior designers integrate LED mirrors to provide dedicated task lighting. This ensures optimal visibility and adds a professional touch to personal grooming areas. In commercial settings like salons or fashion stores, these mirrors provide clients with a luxury experience, enhancing the overall service quality.

4. Incorporating Smart Home Technology

In modern homes, where smart home technology is increasingly prevalent, designers incorporate LED mirrors that offer connectivity and interactive features. Mirrors with touch screens, internet connectivity, and integrated media capabilities can control lighting, play music, or even display news and weather, making them a high-tech addition to any bathroom or vanity space.

5. Enhancing Luxury in Hospitality

In the hospitality industry, LED mirrors are used to elevate the luxury of guest rooms, bathrooms, and spas. Designers select mirrors with features like anti-fog technology, ambient lighting, and high-definition clarity to ensure guests have a five-star experience. In hotel bathrooms, these mirrors add a touch of elegance and functionality that significantly enhances the guest’s stay.

6. Supporting Eco-Friendly Designs

With a growing emphasis on sustainability, LED mirrors are a popular choice among designers looking to implement eco-friendly practices in their projects. LED lighting is energy-efficient and has a much longer lifespan than traditional bulbs, reducing both energy consumption and waste. Designers often highlight these features to clients who are conscious of their environmental impact.

7. Layering Light for Depth and Dimension

Interior designers use LED mirrors alongside other lighting fixtures to layer light effectively. This technique allows them to create a dynamic space with adjustable ambiance that can be modified according to the time of day or the desired mood. This approach is particularly effective in bathrooms, where lighting can significantly influence the room’s functionality and aesthetics.

LED mirrors are versatile tools in the hands of interior designers, capable of transforming a space through both their functionality and their sophisticated designs. Whether creating a focal point in a room, enhancing the feeling of space, or incorporating smart technology for a modern touch, LED mirrors provide designers with myriad opportunities to enhance their projects creatively and effectively.

Cheap Mini Sex Dolls

Cheap mini sex dolls are great entry-level toys. They have all the best bits, from big, bouncy boobies to a tight ass and a vagina. They are also made from a soft, skin-like material and have tight openings for intense penetration.

It is important to clean and store your sex doll properly. It will ensure that it lasts longer and stays smooth.


Cheap sex dolls for sale are an affordable choice for people who want to add a little excitement to their love lives. They’re also a great alternative to expensive sex toys that require a lot of maintenance.

The best cheap sex dolls are made of TPE or silicone, and offer an incredibly realistic skin feel and a soft, flexible body that’s easy to bend in all kinds of positions. These features make sex with cheap dolls both sensual and orgasmic.

In general, sex dolls are completely legal to own, buy, and sell. However, there are a few rules that you should be aware of. For instance, some countries like Australia and Norway have specific rules regarding how childlike a doll can be.

In addition, some sex dolls are used as therapy tools for individuals suffering from sexual depreciation. They can also provide healing effects for patients who have suffered from traumatic experiences or accidents. These benefits are why many people find sex dolls a fun and satisfying hobby.


When you shop for a cheap sex doll, it’s important to read reviews and compare prices. Moreover, you should also look at the sex doll’s customer service lines and shipping rates. Legitimate companies will have a dedicated telephone line where customers can ask questions and receive help from a live representative.

A serious company hires engineers to build a sex doll model plan, and they will use real models for their photoshoots. They will make a prototype, do tests, and keep iterating until they are satisfied with the result. However, copycats will buy the model plan and photos, and they will build it with cheaper materials.

You can find cheap sex dolls that are made from silicone or Cyberskin and have tight openings for intense penetration. These dolls will last longer if you take care of them properly. For example, you should always clean them after every session. You should also allow them to dry completely before storing. You should also store them in a safe and secure place.

Lifelong Companionship

Aside from sexual gratification, sex dolls are companions that can keep you company whenever you want. They are also great for people with fetishes who have problems connecting with humans and need someone to share their passions with. For those who have been hindered from real life relationships due to disabilities or social phobias, a sex doll companion is a way of discovering the world with a sense of intimacy that was previously out of reach.

Most sex dolls have stock bodies, which can be upgraded with additional features and accessories. These upgrades can include a second head, skeleton upgrade, clothing, piercings and more. Some brands even offer hyper-realistic silicone skin that can add a new dimension of realism to the dolls. However, it is important to avoid buying ultra-cheap copies of Joy love dolls because these can be made from cheap materials and may cause harm to your body. For this reason, you should only purchase a sex doll that you can afford.


Small cheap sex dolls can be the perfect partner to fulfill your sexual fantasies. Their soft skin feels like a young girl’s, so you can caress her, kiss her lips, and suck her boobs. If you want to be rough, you can tie her up and beat her. These sex dolls for sale can also be customized according to your sexual needs.

You can choose from different color swatches for your doll’s eye, body tone, and nails. You can also select a sexy wig to match your doll’s personality and aesthetic. WM Doll offers a variety of options to ensure your doll’s look is as realistic as possible.

In addition to being affordable, small sex dolls are compact. They are easy to fit in tight spaces, making them the perfect choice for anyone who wants a discreet sex doll. They can even be stored in your closet or under your bed. They are also ideal for people who travel a lot.

Hiring a Deck Builder in Matakana

Matakana’s coastal enclave, artisan food scene and village farmer’s market make it a great place to while away a weekend (or longer). Take in a winery tour, try the local brews or visit one of the cafes.

Find a trusted Decks, Patios & Outdoor Enclosures professional in Matakana on Houzz. Browse photos, reviews and project histories to find the right pro for your job.


Decks are a great way to improve the look of your home and make outdoor living more comfortable. A qualified deck builder can help you choose the right materials and design for your home. They can also advise you on local factors that affect deck construction and maintenance.

Generally, a deck builder will follow blueprints or plans to construct a sturdy deck. They can also advise you on how to maintain your deck to protect it from the weather and pests. Some professionals specialise in creating wood or concrete decks. Others are experts in composite or plastic alternatives.

This cedar clad new build in Pt Wells is designed to be a relaxed and flexible home with multiple outdoor spaces. A large deck on either side of the house and a louver roof create an inviting space to relax or entertain.

Patios & Outdoor Enclosures

The patio or deck builder you hire will survey the site and home and recommend the best size, shape and construction materials. They will also advise on local factors that may affect the decking, such as weather and zoning requirements.

A well designed and built deck not only looks good it opens up the house and is great for entertaining. This cedar clad new build in Point Wells has a large deck on either side and a roof-top deck.

A qualified concrete specialist can add kerb appeal and create hardscapes around the home. They can design and construct concrete patios, driveways, pool coping, garden walls, feature splashbacks and outdoor seating areas. They can also lay concrete paths, stairs and retaining walls. Use Houzz to find a local Paving, Stone and Concrete professional near you. Answer a few simple questions to be matched with pros who can help you realise your dream home. It’s free, fast and easy!


Concrete is a building material that solidifies after mixing with water. It has high resistance to compression, bending, cutting, and traction and is also extremely safe. It is environmentally friendly as it absorbs carbon dioxide from the air and helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

There are various types of concrete used in construction. The most common type is simple concrete that uses a constant geometry and provides high resistance to torsional loads. It is used for decks, floors, and lintels in bridges and buildings.

A stone, paver and concrete professional can add kerb appeal to your home by designing and building driveways, garden walls, walkways, patios, and pool coping. They can also build retaining walls and fit stone cladding. In addition, they can create splashbacks and benchtops. They can even work on masonry structures inside your house like fireplace surrounds and mantels. They may also repair damaged paving, fences and walls. They use a variety of materials for outdoor paving including natural stone, brick, concrete and porcelain.


The best wood deck builders have experience building outdoor structures with a variety of materials. They’ll be able to survey your property and recommend the right size, height, and construction materials for your new deck or pergola. They’ll also know the local climate, regulations, and other factors that could affect your structure’s safety and durability.

This cedar clad new build in Pt Wells draws inspiration from the surrounding vernacular, a silvered timber home that stretches across its rural property, evoking a sense of prospect and refuge. Its minimalist mono-pitched formality and brushed finish in Abodo Vulcan cladding creates texture, enhancing the natural beauty of the timber.

Nanuk Cases – Protect Your Equipment in Unforgiving Environments

Protect your equipment in unforgiving environments with a NANUK case. These virtually indestructible cases are favored by sportsmen and women, hunters, law enforcement, military and other professionals who demand superior protection for their equipment.

All NANUK cases are molded with soft grip handles that make heavy transportation comfortable and convenient. On wheeled and long series cases, reinforced padlock holes are molded in for additional security while traveling.


Nanuk, Inuktitut for polar bear, is a tough and durable line of protective cases. Made of highly impact resistant, lightweight NK-7 resin and manufactured by Plasticase in Terrebonne, Quebec, Nanuk tough hard sided cases have gentle rounded corners and thick wall construction. They are designed to withstand the rigours of travel and everyday use including drops, impact and water immersion.

The patented PowerClaw superior latching system uses compressive force to clamp the case tightly closed. Integrated slide locks add security and prevent accidental opening. Metal componentry including hinges are made of stainless steel for corrosion resistance and superior strength. Nanuk cases come equipped with two padlockable hasps reinforced with stainless steel that are molded right into the lid and base for added strength.

The interior of Nanuk cases is customisable with Pick-N-Pluck foam or padded dividers. These are a great option for photographers because they can remove or add dividers as their equipment changes shape and needs.


NANUK wheeled cases make it easy to transport heavy equipment like broadcast cameras, firearms and large sensitive gear. A specialized combination of NK7 resin for ultra-rugged construction and the patented Power Claw latching system ensures your gear arrives safe and sound.

Suitable for airline travel and certified to ATA 300, Category 1 Impact standards, they stand up to repeated shocks that can occur during loose-loaded transportation, extreme vibration resistance, rainfall and water submersion. Every case includes a pressure equalization valve which allows air to pass through tiny vents while keeping liquid out, ensuring the case can accommodate changes in atmospheric pressure without letting in moisture or vapors.

Metal componentry such as hinges are made of stainless steel for corrosion resistance and each case has a reinforced padlock protector to prevent unauthorized access to your equipment. NK-7 cases also have soft rubberized handles that fold down and tuck away to save on space when not in use and are comfortable to hold, even wet or dirty.


As a company that designs and manufactures injection molded equipment cases, Plasticase understands the importance of protecting valuable assets in harsh environments. They are built to the highest standards to ensure your equipment can be transported safely and securely.

Each case is able to withstand a drop of up to 0.5 m without suffering any damage to its contents. They also pass the MIL-STD-810F immersion test which ensures that your equipment can be submerged in water for up to 30 minutes with no leakage.

Every case is molded with soft grip handles that make transportation comfortable and convenient. Available on WHEELED and LONG series cases, reinforced metal padlock holes allow for the use of TSA approved padlocks for added security. This allows for the case to be locked while still being accessible by TSA agents at airports. It is the ideal solution for travelers who need to secure their equipment while in transit.


NANUK’s sleek and modern design is embraced by photographers and videographers who need reliable, lightweight protective cases for their camera equipment. With an ergonomic shape and the ability to customize the case interior with foam inserts, NANUK’s NK-7 resin bodies, chamfered edges and oversized details offer a look that is both stylish and rugged.

Nanuk’s patented PowerClaw superior latching system clamps tight with compressive force, so your gear is safe and secure in transit or even in the event of a drop. Cases also feature integrated slide locks for added security.

Stabilizers and gimbals are great for capturing stunning cinematic footage but transporting them can be challenging because of the delicate brushless motors and electronics inside. NANUK’s line of camera stabilizer hard cases are specifically designed for these rigs and can be customized with foam inserts to fit the exact configuration of your gimbal or stabilzer. Featuring NK-7 resin and a soft grip handle, these cases can be transported safely while keeping your expensive equipment in the same configuration you chose for it.

Cheap Sex Doll

Men often get bored with their sex partners and a cheap sex doll can help them spice things up. The best part is that real dolls cannot be considered cheating.

Sex dolls are made of realistic TPE or silicone. The only difference between the two is that silicone is a little pricier.

1. Your Doll

Many people fall into the misconception that cheaper sex dolls must come with substandard quality. This could not be further from the truth, especially when you choose to buy a sex doll from SOSEXDOLL’s competitively priced collection. The affordable range features superior materials that are engineered for lasting endurance, ensuring that they will not degrade or lose their elasticity even with repeated use.

These sex dolls are also made with an anatomically correct body to give you the most realistic experience possible. They are also available in different designs to meet your sexual fantasies and needs.

However, you should note that these cheap sex dolls are not as durable as their more expensive counterparts. They may be prone to tears and other damage if you are not careful. For this reason, you might want to start with an inexpensive love doll so that you can learn how to care for it properly and avoid or repair any damages.

2. Rosemary Doll

Rosemary Doll is a soft body rag doll with embroidered facial features. She comes with a printed dress and bow, and is sure to bring a smile to any little girl’s face. She also comes with a slumber bag backpack to help your child stay safe and comfortable while sleeping.

The Rosemary doll is available in different sizes, and can be purchased separately or together with her companion Timothy. Both dolls are made from high-quality materials and feature sewn hands and a fully articulated neck, shoulders, arms, and hips. They can be used with a variety of anal penetration accessories, and are recommended for use with lubrication.

When shopping online, be sure to check for coupons, promo codes, and discount offers. These can be found on the USA TODAY Coupons website, and may save you money on your next purchase at Rosemary Doll. Be sure to also sign up for their newsletter, which will provide you with exclusive deals and money-saving offers directly in your inbox.

3. Sinthetics

Men love sex dolls because they look and feel like a real woman. The sex doll trend actually started with Dutch sailors in the 1600’s who wanted to improve their mental health and happiness on long voyages.

Some men find that their relationships become boring and getting sex with an inanimate object is a fun way to spice things up. Also, because the cheap sex doll cannot get pregnant, there is no risk of STDs.

Most sex dolls on the market are made of TPE (Thermoplastic elastomer) and silicone. TPE is cheaper to make, and it feels a little more jiggly than platinum silicone. However, TPE is porous and can harbor bacteria and mold, leading to a bad stench and allergies. The silicone on the other hand, is more forgiving and doesn’t leak oil, rejects mold, and is sterilized easily. It can even be re-used or sold later. This is why most urdolls have silicone heads instead of TPE heads.

4. Emm

Emm is an acronym, abbreviation or shorthand that may stand for more than one thing. The following list contains some of the possible meanings for the term EMMM.

In today’s mobile workplace, employees are working from anywhere at any time – whether checking email before jetting off to a critical meeting, wrapping up projects from home on the weekend or knuckling down during their morning commute. And with the advent of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) culture, EMM has become integral to many organizations’ IT departments – helping them keep data secure while giving employees the flexibility to work wherever and whenever they need to.

Join us to hear from a panel of industry experts on the pros and cons of different types of EMM solutions. They’ll share their experiences on deploying and supporting EMM platforms, as well as provide tips and tricks on getting the most out of your EMM deployment.

Late Night Delivery Services in Auckland

Auckland offers some great late night delivery services. If you want to work for yourself and earn money throughout the day, consider becoming a food delivery person with Uber.

App-based ’on-demand’ food and alcohol delivery services are increasingly available in New Zealand. These apps coordinate between consumers and multiple sellers, often with a short time frame between order and consumption, facilitating immediate consumption.

Deliver Easy

Whether you’re studying for exams, refueling after a night out, or just craving Asian food at some ungodly hour, there are plenty of options for late night delivery Auckland. You can order from a wide range of restaurants and have your food delivered right to you. There are even some diners that are open 24 hours a day. Denny’s, for example, is an Americana diner with vinyl booths and jukeboxes serving super-sized comfort food like pancakes and enormous steaks.

Delivereasy is a New Zealand-owned takeaway delivery service that operates mostly through an app. Their delivery drivers are easily recognizable on their scooters because of their orange and white uniforms. We helped them seize the moment by rebranding their online brand and introducing a design system that better aligned with their physical branding. We also increased their online accessibility and simplified their website. They’re now New Zealand’s only homegrown nationwide food delivery service, delivering to 28 locales across the country.

Lord of the Fries

The food truck phenomenon has arrived in Auckland. The shipping container restaurants are helping revive the city centre after the pandemic hit. They’re open until midnight and offer a range of different cuisines.

One of these is Lord of the Fries, a plant-based fast-food chain. It serves burgers, fries (chips), hot dogs, and onion rings. Their mission is to show people that being vegan doesn’t mean having to give up the food they love.

The restaurant also sells old-fashioned shakes and really cold beer. Visitors say the cooks here are friendly and provide excellent service. They recommend ordering the vegetarian burgers, mini burgers, and hash browns. The prices are democratic. You can also get nicely cooked biscuits, muffins and chocolate cookies. This is an amazing place for a meal with friends or a family. The bar has a wide selection of wines. You can try some of their delicious cocktails too. They also serve a variety of coffees.


A new player on the food delivery scene, EASI has an extensive selection of restaurants including some hidden gems. They have a wide range of menu items, including fried dumplings and Chinese noodles. Their website and app are easy to use, and they have an option to track your order so it arrives at the right time.

The app is free, but you’ll need to link it to a credit card or PayPal account. It also has a number of ways to complain if your order is incorrect or late. It is a good alternative to other food delivery apps, which charge higher fees to restaurants.

Another popular food delivery service in Auckland is Menulog. They offer a wide variety of local restaurants with delivery service, although they don’t cover all suburbs. They reportedly have some of the lowest commission rates in the industry. They also offer a foodie pass subscription that gives you free delivery for a month.


Menulog is Australia’s biggest food delivery company, serving 90% of the country. It offers a range of pick-up, delivery and group ordering options. Users can browse and order from a huge range of local restaurants covering 70 distinct cuisines. The service also allows customers to leave reviews for their favourite places.

The Menulog app also lets people find discounts and deals at their favorite restaurants. It also lets them see the estimated time of arrival of their meal. Those who choose to use Menulog’s courier service can track their order online in the ‘Orders’ section of the app or website. The service is committed to ensuring the safety of its couriers by providing them fair pay and insurance coverage.

The Menulog delivery service launched in Central Auckland last week and will expand to 23 cities and towns by April. The service will provide choice for restaurants by combining their world-class ordering technology with Menulog’s national network of delivery drivers. It will also give them a competitive advantage over Uber Eats, which charges between 5 and 30% for each order, and Kiwi competitor Delivereasy, which charges 20%.

Automated Content Moderation

In order to be effective, a platform moderation tool needs to strive for a high level of accuracy and operational precision. This is where Spectrum Labs’ Guardian AI excels.

When it comes to interpreting the nuance and context of content, human moderators often fall prey to their unconscious biases in the face of a frantic work pace and unrealistic productivity expectations.

Text Moderation

While the rules of conduct for an online community may vary by platform, flawless communication is key to building strong connections with your customers. Automated moderation tools like Spectrum Labs Guardian can help amplify the efforts of your human content moderation teams and create an outstanding experience for everyone in your community.

This solution utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) to identify potentially inappropriate text or personal information, enabling you to take action. We offer both simple and advanced labs using Amazon Comprehend, a managed Machine Learning service that offers pre-trained PII detection models for this use case.

To set up text moderation, you need to supply the system with training data. This should include examples of both harmful and positive behaviors, as well as a list of profanity words for filtering in multiple languages. Then, when users submit content, the system will run it against your behavior model and send back a response that includes a determination indicating whether or not forbidden content was detected along with a confidence score.

Image Moderation

Image moderation is the process of reviewing, analyzing and filtering photos, graphics or other visual content before publishing it. It includes checking images for explicit nudity, racy content, violence, drugs and alcohol use as well as other potentially harmful or offensive criteria.

If the UGC content of a website or application includes a lot of graphically disturbing images, it can damage a brand’s online reputation and diminish trust among its end-users. This is why it’s important for businesses to rely on a combination of automated content moderation tools and human moderators.

While image moderation is usually conducted manually, when the volume of NSFW images grows beyond a business’s capacity to manage it, Eden AI’s Explicit Content Detection API can help. This moderation tool uses computer vision in machine learning to automatically understand and analyze images, allowing it to quickly reject sexually explicit or otherwise harmful content. It also displays a risk level for each image along with a JSON response.

Video Moderation

A growing number of businesses are empowering their employees to create and share videos for collaboration. This has a number of benefits, including centralized knowledge sharing, improved productivity and increased employee engagement. But it also comes with some risks.

Moderation services can be used to detect and remove nudity, obscene or defamatory content from video submissions. This reduces the risk of these materials getting posted to your website or social media platforms and helps you maintain a clean online presence.

Video moderation is a complex task and requires the use of machine learning. There are a number of moderation services that utilize this technology, such as Amazon Rekognition. These are a great tool to help your human moderators, as they can identify offensive or inappropriate material with an 80% accuracy rate. You can also integrate them into your own platform by using a video moderation API. This will allow your team to work faster and improve their work by identifying the most problematic content automatically.

Social Media Moderation

As a result of the popularity of online social media platforms, there is a need for large-scale automated content moderation tools. These tools must be able to detect harmful speech in languages and communities that are not well-understood. Moreover, they must be able to do this in accordance with international human rights law.

The primary limitations of current social media moderation tools are their failure to detect and stop the spread of misinformation and hate speech. This has caused the platforms to be held accountable for inciting violent acts such as the January 6th, 2021 incident at the US Capitol building.

To address this challenge, it is important for the companies to adopt pre-moderation practices and use social media moderation solutions that are reliable. They must also ensure that human moderators are working in an environment that is safe and secure. Besides, they must have the right training and support to make the job easier.

Choosing the Right Heat Pump For Your Home

With lower energy usage than gas heating, heat pump Auckland are a popular way of keeping NZ homes temperature-controlled. However, there are many models available on the market and choosing one that is right for your home can be confusing.

Choose a local Auckland company that specialises in heat pump installation. This will ensure you get a system that is tailored to your home and family’s needs.

Ducted Air Conditioning

A ducted air conditioning system funnels cool air to multiple rooms in your property via a series of ducts. They are an ideal solution for a range of properties, especially those with valuable or expensive furniture that could be damaged by humidity. Ducted systems are often more cost-effective than a split system heat pump because they operate at a higher energy efficiency.

They work in a similar way to split system conditioners, with an indoor central unit that connects to a network of ducting. Cool air is pushed to the room through vents in the ceiling or floor, and you can control the temperature in each zone from one easy-to-use remote.

Carrier Australia’s ducted air conditioning units have a sleek, low profile design that will blend into your interior. This makes them perfect for homes and office buildings with minimal space in the roof or walls. They are also much quieter than a split system heat pump, making them ideal for those with sensitive hearing.

Hot Water Heat Pumps

Hot water heat pumps use the same air-to-water technology as ducted heating, saving energy and reducing power bills. They’re especially effective in new homes, as they can be installed as part of the build process. They are the most efficient way to heat your home’s water and a great alternative to gas.

They can also be paired with woodburners for additional fuel efficiency and security of energy supply. These are most useful in areas with a long heating season and a reliable wood supply, where they can help reduce power consumption from the grid by using surplus energy.

Heat Pump City offer Fujitsu models that are tried and tested in NZ, plus a range of other brands. Their experts take the time to assess a homeowner’s home and family needs, and then design a tailor-made system for them. They can also work with a project manager on new builds to get all the ducting, pipes and heat pump units in place as the building process progresses – which means you can move into a warm house straight away.

Split System Air Conditioning

Unlike ducted heat pumps, which have an outdoor unit and pipes running through your home to deliver air into rooms, split system heating systems are smaller. They have an indoor unit that is mounted on a wall and come in a variety of designs. They are stylish and energy efficient, and they offer a range of heating capacities.

Flocon heat pump installers have been serving New Zealand homes since 2012. Their free in-home assessments take into account each family’s unique house and needs. This allows them to create a heat pump solution that is tailored for each customer. They provide a full service, including the installation of the system, as well as maintenance services.

They have an extensive selection of top-rated brands, such as Fujitsu, Mitsubishi Electric and Daikin. They also have the best prices on their products. Customers can use their online energy calculator to work out how much it will cost to run a particular model.

Portable Air Conditioning

Using the energy from the air around them, heat pumps are one of the most environmentally friendly and efficient forms of heating and cooling in New Zealand. They keep a room comfortable all year round and also remove moisture from the atmosphere, making them ideal for allergy sufferers.

A ductless split system consists of an outdoor unit and indoor units connected by a wireless communication link that connects directly to your power supply. This means there are no ducts which makes them a great choice for large homes and commercial applications with multiple rooms.

Daikin heat pump systems have earned some of the best overall ratings in 2021 and earlier with their standard series gaining top 5-Star ratings for Value for Money and Functionality. Their Cora and New Lite ranges are great for those wanting a medium capacity heat pump, while the premium Flexis model has some impressive features including wi-fi connectivity, voice control and eco sensor.