How to Work With an SEO Agency


An Auckland SEO agency is a company that focuses on improving the visibility of your website in major search engines online such as Google. With their extensive experience, they can help you get top rankings in major search engines such as Google and Yahoo! Within minutes of your first contact with them, you’ll be seeing results in your Google Places, Google Blogs, and Yahoo Search Results. Within a few months of engaging with an Auckland SEO agency, you’ll have the best internet marketing strategies in the industry… Guaranteed.

“I love blogging and am starting to blog more often, but the results are mixed. Page views are great… but getting traffic is quite poor. So, instead of trying to drive traffic to my blog, which isn’t doing much for me, I’m using the Auckland SEO agency’s page one strategy to get a high ranking, which should raise my organic traffic stats greatly.”

“An SEO specialist from Auckland SEO agency…we’ve had fantastic results using their affordable SEO services. I am receiving over 1000 new leads every month, which are also from our customers! What’s more, we’re not paying a single cent for our account – a great result when you consider how little we’re paying to generate these leads! We have a fantastic ROI and have never seen so much return on investment from any other marketing campaign, we have worked with before.” Said Marketing Manager, James Coughlin.

“We’ve had a mixed experience using the services of an SEO agency. We got great results initially but found that after several months our pages were nowhere near as high ranked as the rest of our sites. Whilst some of this has been down to the SEO efforts of our staff, most of it came down to poor page titles and links… none of which are easy to change.” said Jonny Andrews, Executive Director, Digital Agency, Unwired.

Search Engine Optimisation has been viewed as an easy way to earn money online and many people have made a great deal of money from it… to the extent that there are entire industries based around helping others do the same. However, what few people realize is that in order for an SEO service to work it must be used correctly. Many people just throw up a page in the hope that it will get them a ton of results, which it may perhaps do to an extent, but if it’s not used effectively it will have little effect. “If you want to run an SEO company, then you need to know how to generate results from your pages… you need to be able to convince Google that your pages are good enough to rank highly in their search engines,” says Max Kiesling, CEO of Search Engine Specialists International. “If you don’t have a clue how to do that, then you’re just wasting your time.”

If you own a company with a web presence, whether that’s a small business, a large corporation, or simply a website you need to understand how to effectively use Search Engine Optimization to improve your search ranking. If you’re looking to boost your online visibility through Search Engine Optimization, you need a provider who can make that happen. The bottom line is that when potential customers are looking for products and services on the Internet, they type in certain keywords, phrases and combinations of words in order to find what they’re looking for. Using Search Engine Optimization to help boost your website’s search rankings means having top quality content, a website that is easy to navigate, and a product or service that is offered at a value that is attractive to most online buyers.

When clients are searching for something, they aren’t looking for your company name or for the design of your website… they are typing in relevant words, phrases or combinations of words that will lead them to your company’s website. Your company’s objective is to get itself on that first page of results for those particular words. An Auckland SEO agency understands this and will take steps to ensure that your website is included in the search engine results pages. By including the right keyword combinations and keyword phrasing in your web copy, images, graphics and other text, you can ensure that potential customers and other interested parties that come across your website will have an easier time finding your business and/or its products and services. Your goal should be to achieve a ranking on the first page of search results for the specific keywords or key phrases you are targeting.

An Auckland SEO agency will be able to handle all aspects of search engine optimization for your company. They will be responsible for writing articles that will draw potential customers to your company’s website, they will be responsible for optimizing your company’s webpages so that they appear high in search engine results for those specific key phrases or keywords, and they will be responsible for working closely with your current and former web designers and programmers to make sure that all elements of your web page are functioning optimally. If a company works on only one aspect of search engine optimization, such as copywriting, graphics, and so forth, they may not realize the importance of the other areas of your website that most potential customers use when searching for similar items. This means that if your graphics are not performing at a top rate, your search engine optimization efforts may not be successful. It is better to work with an SEO agency that will provide you with an entire spectrum of services designed to ensure the highest level of success possible.